Welcome home, this is the official website for the JBMAJESTY Skate Team. Majesty represents a new future, a new presence and a new history in the world of JBSKATING. Get well acquainted with the new team and find out about all of the things that we stand for. JBSKATERS, athletes and competitors from all over the country are welcome to immerse themselves into this tiny portion of the universe.

Along with many other teams, we represent the city of Chicago. Find out what’s going on in the city. We frequently discuss roller skating, skateboarding and many other local sports. Join us in conversation about the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Cubs and the extreme Chicago weather. Welcome home skaters, enjoy the sights, sounds and presence of JBSKATING.

The new JBMAJESTY app is on its way. The Majesty skate team and our followers can chat and check in with the new app. Use it for future functions created by JBSKATE. Click the link below to find out more. Android users, be sure to check the Google Play store for the new app.

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